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FLIP Animations Technique - Performant transitions using CSS Transforms

June 08, 2021

Here we go on a trip across different animation approaches, briefly, and talk in some detail about what FLIP animations are.Here we go on a…

Data protection measures that you can employ today easily, and for free!

June 05, 2021

Hello, world! Recently, my residential society ran a COVID vaccination drive and requested the phone numbers from all residents who wanted…

Getting you interested in Framer Motion with the essentials

June 04, 2021

Here's how the actual component looks like, roughly Framer Motion is a high level UI animations library that makes a LOT of animations use…

How does Windows compare with MacOS or Linux for Dev-ex now?

April 17, 2021

Till pretty recently, if I had to write some code, I wouldn't touch Windows with a 6 foot pole. I've written code on MacOS or Ubuntu most of…

Windows Powertoys - Did you know it was a thing?

April 02, 2021

Recently I discovered PowerToys . If you don't know about this, then congratulations because you should totally install this right now. It…

My approach to data privacy

March 02, 2020

Like most people, I used to not care about what happens with my data. And I was all too willing and enthusiastic about sharing everything…

TIL - The HTML Dialog element

February 28, 2020

The Dialog Element is basically a dialog (duh) all with backdrop support and everything, so in many cases you may not need a third party…

Optional Chaining is ❤

December 24, 2019

Let's look at a use-case that's not too uncommon: Oh my, that's an eyeful. All I wanted to get was the definition of apple, if present, in a…

Hello World

December 19, 2019

Here we go again... I've made an attempt at a blog over 4 times so far. Twice at blog.jayantbhawal.in , twice at ideabuster.jayantbhawal…

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